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Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Video | Which one the Best ?

Amazon Prime Video Vs Netflix. Which of the two is the top streaming service in 2019? Both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are now accessible on an almost international scale. You can also watch either VOD channel on a big list of compatible gadgets.

In this comparison guide, I will match Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Video in terms of content, trial, compatible gadgets, specs and value for money.


Free Trail Offers

Jus like Morpheus TV & JetBox Apk , Both services provide a free one month trial. This offers you with more than sufficient time to test them and get a feel of whether the accessible content matches your streaming needs or not. Nothing beats trying a product out yourself without any money.

Streaming device support

With that in mind, you want to subscribe to a service that provides the top compatibility with all the screens in your life.

At this point, both Amazon and Netflix support all the big platforms, with both services having applications for the majority of streaming devices as well as specific applications for iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Terms of content

Netflix has a big range of exclusive, classics and originals to get stuck into, and is quickly becoming a respected distributor of real Television and movie series.

This is especially real since Netflix Original film  Roma took the prize for Best Cinematography, Best Foreign Language Movie, and Best Director at the Oscar earlier this year.

Prime video also boasts a big library of content. In terms of Television shows, there is a wealth of exclusive series like Tom Clancy Jack Ryan, Transparent, High Castle, and Mr. Robot, as well as syndicated shows like the Walking Dead, the Office US, and Parks and Recreation.

It also has a more big range of movies than Netflix, with rough guess placing it as around 18,000 films and 4,500 Television shows, matched to Netflix 11,000.

amazon Prime


Netflix has tiered subscription packages. Here are the limitations and prices of each plan:

  • Basic – One stream only with 480 standard limit for $9 per month.
  • Standard – 2 simultaneous streams 1080p for $13 per month.
  • Premium – 4 simultaneous streams at 4K with Dolby Atomos and HDR for $16 per month.

Netflix does not provide any discount for paying yearly instead of monthly, so the service will cost you approximately $109 per year for the Basic plan, $156 per year for the standard plan, or $193 per year for the premium plan.

Additional, Amazon Prime costs $13 per month. If you pay yearly, you get an important discount of $36 off, bringing your yearly price down to $120.

User-Friendly Applications

In all fairness, the Netflix application is one of the top apps. Its responsiveness, the multiple users’ spec, as well as advises, were all big factors in the rise of Netflix’s status. The interface is very user-friendly. You can simply navigate via your series, continue watching previous ones, and many more.

The Amazon Prime video application, on the other hand, is not that bad you sometimes get the feeling that it be short of that polished finish. Anyway, the look is pretty perfect. You can navigate via series, downloads, and channels simply.

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